Blanco Pool Accessories

Pool Accessories

Here are just a few of the Pool Accessories distributed at Blanco Chemicals.

Pool Brushes

Assorted Aluminum brushes

This is an assortment of the aluminum Back Algae brushes available at Blanco Chemicals.

These brushes range from 5 inches to 20 inches both straight and curved.

Pool Accessories

Indicator Solution Pack

This conviniently packaged Indicator Solution Pack offers Solutions #1 thru #5.

Pool brushes

5 inch Aluminum Brush

This is the classic 5 inch aluminum Algae brush. It is a must have in any pool cleaning supply kit.





FreeStyle Goggles

These Pro Comp Freestyle Goggles are offered in two great colors, Navy and Yellow.


Test Kits

This deluxe Test kit offers five different tests to ensure that your pool is the best condition.



Pool Cleaning Kit

Water Shock Treatments

Blanco Chemicals offer a variety of water shock treatments. Some of these treatments can be viewed here.